As dental professionals we do our best to make your dental experience and your child’s dental experience as positive as possible.  We know that good dental habits start in childhood and we hope they carry over into adulthood.

We understand that new parents are busy!  Here are a few ways your can care for your child’s first teeth and prepare them for their first visit to our office. 

Make brushing FUN!  Starting before your baby’s first tooth appears, use a soft facecloth to gently “clean” their lips and gums.  Baby might want to chew on the cloth or play with it near their mouth.  Great!  This playtime will introduce baby to tooth brushing that will follow.  Once the first tooth appears it’s time to introduce an ultra-soft small tooth brush, and brush your child’s tooth/teeth twice per day.  We suggest using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste no larger than the size of a grain of rice.  There are various brands and flavours out there.  Be aware your child may not like the first kind you try.  We have sample sized tubes in our office and feel free to ask us for one at your next visit if we don’t offer one to you. 

Limit sweets and grazing.  Life is meant to be lived, especially with little ones and it’s unrealistic to expect parents to provide a diet without any sugar.  Minimize the exposure to sugars to help prevent tooth decay.  Sugar that are harmful to teeth can be hidden in many foods (or right out there in the open) not only in things such as chips, candy, soda and cake.  Sugar that can be harmful to teeth is also found in milk, juice, fruit and fruit leathers or chews.  Minimizing the exposure and rinsing or brushing after meals can help.

Never let your child sleep with a milk-bottle.  As your child falls asleep the milk is still in the mouth, coating the teeth.  As they sleep saliva flow decreases and the milk remains in the mouth and the lactose or milk-sugar will start the decay process.  If your child must have a bottle at bedtime, water is best. 

Your child’s first teeth are important!  Not only do they help your child to eat and speak, they also hold space for the adult teeth that will follow.  Brown spots, discoloration and holes in baby teeth are causes for concern. 

Keep your child’s smile bright!  If you have any concerns, please give our office a call.