We recommend your child have his or her first dental exam near their third birthday. 

At that time our CDA or hygienist will give your child a ride in the chair, polish or “sparkle” the teeth and apply fluoride or “tooth vitamins”.  Dr. Gallant will count the teeth and check tooth/jaw development and look for decay.  We do our best to make the visit fun and exciting for your little one.  From dental bibs with animal characters on them, fun flavors for pastes and fluoride, counting games and stuffies for them to hold – we do our best to make “the dentist” an event your child wants to come back to.  And the best part??  Prizes!  We take great care to have a prize box that kids look forward to.  We’ve heard the front desk staff are excellent prize pickers and can help the most indecisive child choose his or her prize. 

The smallest details sometimes make all the difference and letting them hold, touch and feel may be the key.  We have fun things that squirt and suck up water, gloves that turn into balloon hands and cool shades to wear. 

How can you prepare your child for his or her first dental visit?

  • Schedule the appointment for the morning when your child is most rested
  • Make the appointment his or her own, don’t piggy-back it onto your appointment
  • Read a dentist related book (a happy one)
  • Say very little – especially if you are a bit apprehensive about dental visits. Kids pick up on our fears more than we like to admit
  • Bring a stuffy, blanket or something your child likes to hold – and possibly could tell us about – we love to hear all about their stuffies!
  • Allow a little time. Appointments tend to go a little more smoothly when we have time. 
  • You can bring your child along (we have books, coloring supplies and some toys) if you have a short appointment.

Sometimes the best laid plans run amok and things don’t go as planned.  Sometimes it’s as simple as your child is tired, hungry or just not able to cope.  That’s ok!  We take our cues from the little ones and will meet them where they are.  If your child’s first appointment doesn’t go as planned don’t panic!  It’s ok!  We can all try again.  Rebook, regroup and retry!