• Hello to our dear patients at Gallant Dentistry…we have missed you!


    Hello to our dear patients at Gallant Dentistry…we have missed you! We hope that you have all stayed safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. This has been a challenging few months for all of us, and we want you to know that we have been thinking of you and have missed seeing your smiling […]

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    TO OUR VALUED PATIENTS Unfortunately with the CoVid 19 Pandemic we have been advised by The College of Dental Surgeons of BC To limit dental services to only acute dental emergencies effective March 16, 2020 IF YOU ARE DR. GALLANT’S PATIENT AND REQUIRE EMERGENCY CARE PLEASE CALL DR GALLANT AT 250 661 1447 For non […]

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  • Baby teeth


    As dental professionals we do our best to make your dental experience and your child’s dental experience as positive as possible.  We know that good dental habits start in childhood and we hope they carry over into adulthood. We understand that new parents are busy!  Here are a few ways your can care for your […]

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  • Your child’s first dental visit, what to expect


    We recommend your child have his or her first dental exam near their third birthday.  At that time our CDA or hygienist will give your child a ride in the chair, polish or “sparkle” the teeth and apply fluoride or “tooth vitamins”.  Dr. Gallant will count the teeth and check tooth/jaw development and look for […]

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  • Dental Emergencies


    The BCDA (British Columbia Dental Association) defines an emergency* as: Traumatic injury to your mouth, jaw or teeth Severe pain you can’t control with over the counter medication Uncontrolled bleeding Severe swelling in your mouth, face or neck If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency please call your dental office!  All dentists in […]

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  • What is gingivitis?


    In simple terms, gingivitis is irritation or inflammation of gum tissue.  Gingivitis is sometimes referred to as mild or early gum disease.  Common symptoms of gingivitis are red, irritated gums that will quite often bleed when brushing.  Many factors can cause gingivitis.  The most common cause is poor or inadequate dental care. Although thorough daily […]

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  • Importance of Baby Teeth


    Baby teeth that begin to appear around six months and can remain until a child is 13 or 14. Baby teeth help children eat well, speak clearly and allow adult teeth to grow in properly. Even though they will eventually be replaced by the permanent adult teeth, baby teeth are very important and should be well looked […]

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  • Flossing


    The British Columbia Dental Association encourages patients to remove plaque and food from all surfaces of their teeth on a daily basis as an effective way to reduce their risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Careful daily brushing and flossing above and below the gum line along with limiting high sugar food and drinks […]

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  • First Dental Visit


    Your child’s first dental visit should occur by age one or within six months of when you see the first tooth.  Regular dental examinations support good health. The earlier your child visits the dentist, the better the chance of preventing a problem, such as decay. This can also increase your child’s comfort with the experience. The dentist will:   […]

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  • Proper Flossing Techniques


    What is the Right Way to Floss? Proper flossing removes  plaque  and food particles in places where a toothbrush cannot easily reach — under the gumline and between your teeth. Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, daily flossing is highly recommended. To receive maximum benefits from flossing, use the following […]

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